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Hua Hin

As Hua Hin is a famous conservative seaside resort as well as a gastronomist's heaven, it is an ideal to enjoy your hands on Thai cooking with an expert of authentic Thai culinary.

Your great achievement will be a right knowledge of cooking variety Thai dishes from picking the best ingredients to cook herbal drinks, finger foods, dips, spicy salads, stire-fries, curries, Tom Yam and finally a dessert delicacies.

Then back home, let your Thai culinary learning experience pampers you and your love ones with a great Thai meal created by yourself, and endless enjoyment of your life.

Our culinary

Our Culinary house is an old wooden house right by the quiet beach in a picturesque old-style wooden summer villas area some one and a half kilometers south of the main intersection. All are welcome not only to lern cooking but for a sip of herbal drinks or espresso coffee or even just a chat by the beach.

We will start the day at aproximately nine in the morning for the first pickup. You will first experience Thais life of shopping the best ingredients for cooking on that day. The local market will be in full seeing only in the morning when most items are freshly arrive and ready for us to buy. When at all the culinary house we will first discuss about receipe while sipping a welcome herbal drink follow by preparing ingredients by yourself. Then the staff will demonstrate the cooking technique which you have to do it later on. Each day you will experience three dishes cooking styles, from appetizer to either soup or salad and finally main dish. After cooking we will sit down and having lunch together right by the sea discussing on what we just cook and eat. Finally at around mid-afternoon we will transfer you back to your hotel.

An independent course is available each day for a multi dishes Thai meals. A combined two days to one week courses are highly recommended and available at a special discount rates. For your convenient, a complimentary transfers are available for a short journey to our beach front house.

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