Class Iternary: Morning class

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Golden Pouch

TomYum Goong

Chicken panang curry

Garlic and pepper meatball


Thai Toast

Glassnoodles salad

Green curry

Heavenly grilled fish


Lemonglass wrap with fish cake

Thai chicken salad

Mussaman curry

Asparagus with shrimp



9:30 - 14:00 (3 DISHES) Monday - Wednesday - Friday


The group will take a ride to the morning market. Our instructor will show you how to select the ingredients and different variety of fruit.


Travel back to the Thai cooking school Baan Khraiwang


Arrive at Baan Khraiwang and enjoy a sip of herbal tea, you will relax and enjoy the scenery for a few minutes and then move to theory class, each student will receive recepies of the day.


Move to the kitchen for real action. The instructor (chef) will demonstrate how to prepare and cook each dish. Each student will have their own space and stove to prepare their own cooking


It's time to enjoy your own cooking with some of the famous Thai dishes you have cooked on the Hua Hin beach front.


16:30 - 20:30 Sunset Cruise to Chopstick Mountain
Monday - Wednesday - Friday , Weather permitted


Pick up from Baan Khraiwang Thai cooking class to Sunseeker Marina


Treat yourself to a taste of luxury on board on the private yacht Sumurand II as we take you on a Sunset Sea Cruise to Chopstick Mountain. With a glass of chilled chardonnay or an ice cold beer in your hand, watch the spectacular sunset over Hua Hin as we cruise pass His Majesty the King's private beach, the Golden Buddha at Chopstick Mountain and back to the Marina to end another perfect day in paradise.

includes transportation to and from Sunseeker marina, cruise to Chopstick Mountain, open bar, and delicious appetizers from sunseeker own galley.


1500 Thai Cooking Class + 1495 Cruise = 2995 Baht/Person
Advanced reservation & PrePaid will secure availability.

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