What is Thai cuisine

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Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine, an exotic taste that is famous not only in the home country but all around the world. It is an essential part of Thais life to enjoy purchasing quality ingredient, preparing them in a correct way and finally cooking them with the right method. The result is a proud meal ready for themselves and their love ones.

Good food in Thailand is found in fascinating places, from seafood markets to floating restuarants and hawker stalls. Thais take time over their meals, talking and making an entire evening of the affair. Since dishes are typically shared by all, invite serveral friends so that one can order and sample more dishes.

Thais eat with the spoon in the irright hand and fork in their left, the fork used to push the food onto the spoon. Chopsticks are not used for Thai food, rather only for Chinese noodle dishes. Also contrary to popular belief, peanut sauce, an "indispensable" addition to nearly every dish in Thai restuarants found in Western countries, is really of Malayan and Indonesian oirigin and is used in Thailand only for satay.

Thai cuisine

Spicy and hot dishes

Kaeng means curry. The group includes the spiciest of Thai dishes and forms the core of Thai cooking. Among the green curries is kaeng kiaw wan kai, a gravy filed with chunks of chicken and tiny pea-sized eggplants. A relative, kaeng kiaw wan nua, has slices of beef in it. Kaeng luang, a category of yellow curries, includes kaeng karee, an Indian-style curry that is mad with chicken or beef. A close relative is penaeng nua, a southern-style "dry" curry with a characteristic coconut flavour. Kaeng som is cooked in a hot-sour soup generally filled with pieces of either fish or shimp.


Among the fiery favourites is tom yam kung, a lemony broth teeming with shrimp. It is served in a metal tureen that is wrapped around a mini-furnace heated by charcoal, so that it remains piping hot throughout the meal. Potaek (the fisherman's net bursts) is a cousin of tom yam kung, containing squid, mussels, crab and fish. Yam is a hot and spicy salad combining meat and vegetables. Particularly popular in northern and northeastern Thailand, it is one of the hottest dishes a available.

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